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To purchase a package from the DMSB XTRA, you will need to choose to pay either via an invoice or pay via PayPal. The agency invoicing you will primarily be AGD; an SAP preferred vendor for EMEA, MEE and global scope, unless specified otherwise.

Some packages require configuration in order to establish the cost, these are identified by the request to fill in the enquiry form. By doing so, and completing a short brief of your requirements, you will be contacted to discuss further and/or provide you with the relevant quote.

If you are an SAP reselling partner with MDF, you can finance your investments in the packages using your MDF funds. Please bear in mind that the SAP MDF Program is a refund model, so first you need to purchase a service. Then using the invoices and the results from your campaign, you can get up to 100% refund of your purchase costs, using the MDF program. See How to Secure Reimbursement of Your Marketing Development Funds (MDF) for more information and a step-by-step guide.


The SAP MDF Program is a pay-back model. Depending on the type of service you have chosen, you will qualify either for a 50% or for a 100% refund, following completion of this service and in accordance with the MDF process.

Step 1. To apply for your MDF refund for packages within the DMSB XTRA please choose the activity you wish to purchase, and use the service description to upload your activity request to Manage My Partnership (MMP) on SAP PartnerEdge, for approval by your local SAP Marketing Manager, or by your SAP Partner Business Manager. In MMP you will be able to view your MDF balance, request usage of funds, and get approval.

Ensure you get approval, where applicable, for the full cost i.e. inclusive of delivery. Delivery charges may be included in the package price, or are available on request when you enquire.

You may wish to discuss your planned activity directly with your local SAP Marketing contact beforehand.

Step 2. When your activity is approved for an MDF refund, in MMP, return to the DMSB XTRA to Order & Pay for your selected package(s). Once the service has been ordered, you will receive a pro forma invoice for checking or PayPal receipt dependant on preferred payment method.

Step 3. When your activity is finished you will receive the final invoice from DMSB XTRA , so you can submit the DMSB XTRA package invoice(s), together with the campaign results to MMP to claim your MDF Refund.

We will be happy to assist and support you during this process.

* SAP will not reimburse any external supplier or vendor directly.

how to purchase

There are two distinct payment options available to you, PayPal and via a pro forma invoice, also called an “"Offline Payment".

  1. Simply find and select your package(s), then “Add to Basket”.
  2. Click “Your Basket”.
  3. Click “Checkout Now” (pro froma invoice) or select PayPal as payment method and follow the instructions
  4. Complete order


  • 50% of the total required up front (non-refundable). To be paid when the partner raises the PO
  • 25% upon completion and delivery of the order
  • 25% 30 days thereafter
*In some cases, full payment may be required up front.